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Lifelong Learning Account System


In addition to the Academic Credit Bank System (ACBS), the Republic of Korea has developed the Lifelong Learning Account System (LLAS), in the context of which individuals are supported in developing their e-portfolios, curriculum vitae or learning records containing information on informal learning activities.

LLAS can be regarded as a “savings account” for lifelong learning. An individual can set up his or her own account, “deposit” different lifelong learning experiences, and plan ahead about how to “invest” learning experiences in the course of moving up the career ladder.

Procedures and processes

In an online learning account, individuals accumulate and manage their diverse learning experiences. Individuals may include learning results that are attained in higher education levels, but also various other kinds of learning experiences that can be translated into educational credits or vocational qualifications. In other words, LLAS incorporates information from both the academic qualifications system and the vocational qualifications system.

The National Institute for Lifelong Education (NILE) is responsible for recognising and approving the diverse experiences and documenting them for the convenience of learners.

In order to have their informal learning recognised, however, individuals need to register in a Lifelong Learning Centre. NILE undertakes the accreditation of these so-called Lifelong Learning Centres, which have a wider scope than the degree-centred ACBS and offer a variety of non-award lifelong learning courses. Lifelong Learning Centres apply for accreditation in accordance with Clause 2 under Article 2 of the Lifelong Education Act. The accreditation criteria include: 1) educational facilities and equipment; 2) teaching processes; 3) faculty members and lecturers; 4) management systems for learners; 5) other areas recognised by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology as necessary for the operation of learning courses.

The LLAS Learning Experience Management System website (www.all.go.kr) has been put in place to support individuals who have already opened their own learning accounts to search for lifelong learning courses in a particular region, institute or field of study.

Outcomes and ways forward

Individuals are supported in opening a learning account. They can use their learning records in order to review their learning activities, check the fields they have previously studied and make further plans accordingly.

Individuals can use learning records to obtain a primary school certificate, an exemption from secondary school courses, or for public and private employment.


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