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Mauritius prisons service


The Mauritius Prisons Service and the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) are collaborating to establish an RPL system within prisons in Mauritius. It is an attempt to keep convicted persons gainfully occupied in order to maintain peace and stability of prisons as well as to increase the rehabilitation chances of offenders. RPL can help offenders to have their non-formal and informal skills recognised and to obtain a vocational training certificate. RPL not only enhances employability, but also helps prisoners to integrate into society.

Procedures and processes

In implementing RPL, prisons register with a training institution called the Tremplin Vocational and Trade Training Centre, where programmes in different fields (such as literacy and numeracy, basketry, metal fabrication, plumbing and pipe fitting, masonry, garment making, furniture making, mechanics, electronics, handicrafts and agriculture) are offered and detainees receive a certificate of attendance. In addition, the National Certificate Level 3 of the Mauritius Qualifications Framework in Pastry is offered.

Detainees deliver a wide range of goods and services for the public sector in a cost effective manner through these training programmes. Examples are office furniture, staff uniforms, baskets, handicrafts, breads and all types of infrastructure projects.

RPL is done as a follow-up after years of coaching, training and skills acquired by the prisoners.

Prison inmates obtain a certificate in which the competences in the field of the proficiency attained is stated officially.

Outcomes and ways forward

The provision of technical and vocational training to offenders has proved to be an important component of the rehabilitation regime in prisons.

The RPL project has resulted in a market of training providers offering a series of diversified, market-oriented and accredited technical and vocational training programs organized for both young and adult offenders to strengthen their capabilities.

The RPL prisons project has strived to become sustainable through the training of prison officers facilitators by the MQA in collaboration with the Mauritius Prisons Service.


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